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Top 8 Features of Magento 2 Explained

Combined with the newly added HTML5 and CSS pre-processor technology, and you have an e-commerce game changer in Magento 2!

Here are some Magento 2 features all users can enjoy:

1) Open and flexible architecture – powered by entirely new, next-generation architecture, it provides flexibility to bring your vision of commerce to life.

2) Enhanced business agility and productivity – Magento 2 empowers its merchants by providing a more efficient experience that facilitates growth.

3) Engaging shopping experiences – Engagement is central to seamless and personal customer experience on any device.

4) Grade scalability and performance of the enterprise – Over 50% of faster page load speed across checkout pages and catalog, performance lies to enhance the customer experience and also improve rates of the conversion.

5) Easier upgrades and maintenance – A modern and modular architecture empowers functionality provided by Magento 2, that provides scope and flexibility.

6)  Secure Payments – Magento 2 offers built-in integration with payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, and

7) Backup/Rollback system – It has a very elegant and powerful system. The command line tool has handy commands. These commands can be added to the system to make backups. Rollback is another command that places the site in the maintenance mode, restores the file and the media, and re-enables the site.

8) Some handy commands:

  • Setup: backup – Takes the backup of Magento application code base and media database.
  • Setup: rollback – It rolls back Magento application code base, the media, and database.
  • Info: backup: list-Prints list of backup files.

9)  Upgrading core files and its modules – Introduction to PHP based dimensions management using composer. Composers ensure that all its components maintain their expected versions. With only a single command, its third party gets updated.

10) PSR Compliance – Stands for PHP Standard Recommendation.

11) Performance – Improved its indexers, Magento 2 performance kit, Varnish caching integration, and to provide better performance and scalability, full page caching is required to the shop.

12) Migration Tool – It comes with a migration tool that helps migrate from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0 easily. By using this tool, one can easily log shop settings, customers, catalogs, and categories. Magento 2 makes data and settings easy.

13) Scalability – Modular architecture lets us break down the subsystem and the hosts on different servers optimized for all load types. Catalog, sales, shipping, payment, and check out can be optimized for stability, security, and performance.

14) Testing the framework – Magento 2 provides its own testing framework. There are various sections involved like integration, functional areas, performance, and the static environment. This can also reduce the bug fix while making testing easier.


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