Website speed is one of the important key factor for ranking factor. Friday, April 09, 2010 was the day when Google announced that they are including site speed as a new signal in their search ranking algorithms.

Here is a list of best free tools for testing website speed and performance.

1. PageSpeed Insights ( Google )


PageSpeed Insights helps you to analyze site’s performance. It is free and also suggests you, the best ways to make your site faster and mobile friendly. PageSpeed Insights checks the performance of a page for mobile devices as well as for desktop devices i.e. fetches your url twice ( Once with Mobile and Once with Desktop-user agent).

Once you enter your page’s url, Google PageSpeed Insights generates a result. Always try to get better score for your pages, better score means 85 or above. In the screenshot, you can see that My page has 84/100. And I will have to click on > show how to fix  to get the detail about the fixing.

 Run Insights

You can read more about PageSpeed Insights here:

2. Pingdom Tools

best free tools for testing website speed and performance

This tool will help you to analyze your site’s loading speed and will also help you to learn how you can make it faster if it’s slow. It tells you the reason why your site is actually running slow.


 Run Test

3. YSlow

best free tools for testing website speed and performance

YSlow is based on Yahoo’s rules for websites speed and performance. YSlow suggests you to improve page’s speed and performance. YSlow is an extension for browsers that allows you to check any page’s performance you visit.

 Run Test

4. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is another great free tool that grades (F-A) your site by taking an average of PageSpeed and YSlow scores. GTmetrix gives insight about your site’s loading speed and recommends you, how you can optimize it. You can compare your site’s or page’s performance with any other site or page.

By following their optimization tips, you can improve your site’s performance. If you signup with a free account, you can test your site’s speed from different locations. Pro users will get the monitoring alerts and access to hourly monitoring.


5. WebPagetest


WebPagetest is a completely free online tool that let you test Web page performance. It gives your six different grades and you can click on each grade to get more information.


6. Website Speed Test ( Uptrends )


Free Uptrends Website Speed Test gives you freedom to check load time of your page from 35 different checkpoints. Not only load time, you can check Uptime and can get the DNS report as well.

You can signup for free 4-week trial to get the advantage of 24×7 web monitoring.


7. DareBoost

DareBoost let you analyze, test and optimize your website. You can make a free account and can test your site’s performance on desktop or mobile with chrome or Firefox from different locations.

 Analyze my page

8. Sucuri Load Time Tester

Sucuri Load Time Tester tests loading speed of your website. You can get the information on Connection time, first byte time and total time of your site.

This test gives Global Performance Grade as you can see my site’s Performance Grade (A+) in the screenshot.



9. Test My Site ( Mobile Website Speed Test – Google )

Powered by PageSpeed Insights Google.

It tests Mobile friendliness of your site and also gives scores completely based on PageSpeed Insights ( Mobile and Desktop scores ). You can get detailed report on what to fix through e-mail or directly by clicking on SEE WHAT TO FIX.



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