How to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets


Do you know what’s better than ranking number 1 on Google? It’s ranking number 0.

How can that be? Well Google has something called featured snippets in which they place some sites in a “featured” box above the organic listings. And best of all, it doesn’t cost money.

So how do you “rank 0”. Well you have to follow 9 steps. If you do them all, you’ll start getting featured at the top and get more traffic.

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  1. It is so useful apart from the fact that you can use it to check your website ranking in Search engines you can also use it for other equally good things.
    Serplab also works fine in checking your rankings, but it can only check your ranking in Google,l not other Search Engines, Like Yahoo and Bing, like Jaaxy can do for you.
    And another google tool you can use is their incognito mode, which also work so well for me.


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