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Magento 2

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Welcome to Magento 2

Magento 2 is the latest incarnation of the leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform, utilised by over 200,000 online retailers. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 businesses are using the Magento software.

It’s easy to see why. M2 offers a range of flexible tools that cover any and all of your advanced marketing, SEO and catalog-management needs – more so than ever before. It’s safe to say that the look, content, and functionality of your online business are now easier to control than ever.

If you’re familiar with previous versions of Magento, you’ll already be well aware of its ease of use and other beneficial features, but M2 takes that to a whole new level, creating the most user-friendly and scalable eCommerce environment yet.

Magento 2 Scales!

M2 offers significantly improved scalability. Full page caching has been built in which allows for faster speeds by reducing the number of disk reads and network round-trips.

M2 provides a number of exclusive features that ensure optimal marketing and analytical techniques, as well as improving your administrative options – all of which benefits the customer’s shopping experience.

It also boasts newly added tech in the form of HTML 5 and a re-envisioned CSS pre-processor. When you combine these with the user-friendly customization process and convenient upgrade installation, M2 really comes into its own as an eCommerce game changer.


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