10 Latest Ecommerce Trends To Boost Sales in 2019


10 Latest Ecommerce Trends

[UPDATED] 2018 was a great year for the e-commerce industry. The worldwide revenue of e-commerce amounted almost 2290 Billion USD. It can further grow up to an annual rate of almost 19.11 percent. This would result in a market volume of 4479 Billion USD by the end of the year 2021. These numbers speak for themselves about the growth of global e-commerce.

  1. Contextual and Programmatic Advertising
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  4. Enhanced Shipping Options
  5. Mobile Commerce
  6. Augmented Reality for Product Visualization
  7. Voice Search Will Take Lead
  8. Snap and Shop
  9. The revival of Brick-And-Mortar (B&M) Models
  10. Subscription Based Models Will Rise


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