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Once you start a website, you are never truly done with it. Websites are ongoing projects that are in constant need of tweaking and updating. In this blog post, we are going to go over how to improve your website in less than 10 minutes with changes that will make a big difference.

Do a Mobile-Friendly Test
You should run some diagnostics and see how mobile-friendly your site is. This is absolutely critical considering how frequently people use their mobile devices to search the internet. Google makes this easy by allowing you to plug in your URL in their mobile friendliness tool which will then tell you if your site is mobile friendly or not, and if not, how to make it friendly.

Improve your website

Do a Speed Test
Page loading speed is a critical component of your site and can help avoid abandonment by users. Your pages need to load within two to three seconds or visitors will bail. Use Google PageSpeed Insights, input your site address, press the button, and it will inform you how your site is doing as far as page speed is concerned, and what to do to improve your website.

Enable Gzip Compression
Adding Gzip compression can improve your website and make big difference as far as page loading speed is concerned. This involves compressing your site’s files to make them smaller which allows them to be download faster, leading to faster page loading. If your site does not have it, it is easy to set up. You can ask your host to do it, or use a plugin such as W3 Total Cache.

A/B Test Your CTA
Your CTA is critical, it makes it much easier for your visitors to know what you want them to do next. It is always wise to test your CTA once in a while.

Image Optimization
Images typically make up a big part of the weight of a web page, which is why decreasing their size as much as you can is a good way to speed up and improve your website. One of the fastest ways to do this is run the Google PageSpeed test and download the optimized content at the bottom of the test. Once you download the files all you need to do is replace the old ones with the new ones provided by Google.


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