Importance of Responsive Web Designing-Delhi

website designing company
website designing company

Website Load Faster
With responsive web design, your site will  load faster in a way that is optimal for whatever device your audience is using. That’s a huge advantage. With more users on smartphones and tablets every day, you can’t discount mobile users when determining how quickly your page loads. Today’s users start to lose interest after waiting a mere 2 seconds for your site to load. That’s right—it only takes seconds to lose potentially large percentages of prospective customers.

Less expensive than a separate mobile site
If you already have a website, and it does not yet use responsive web design, you may be asking yourself, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to create a separate mobile website?” It’s true; you certainly can set up a separate site for mobile customers. However, that option comes with its own disadvantages, some of which are quite significant.

Increased traffic
Google now favors mobile-friendly sites. In fact, this is a factor in their current algorithm. That means it should be a part of your brand’s SEO plan for staying relevant in search rankings. The days of SEO consisting of a few well-placed keywords are over. And this is better for all of us. It may seem like a hassle to keep pace with Google’s changes, but their policies actually help you to ensure that you reach your target audience.


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