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There are several different things your web pages can do for your Delhi business. Some web pages are made to get more traffic. Some provide information to your customers. And yet others are designed to generate leads. And, in case you were wondering, no—generating traffic and generating leads are not exactly the same, though you can optimize one page to do both of those things. In this article, we are going to share with you the best advice we’ve found for creating a lead generation website for your business.

Ask and you will receive

CTA’s, or calls-to-action, are an essential component to generating leads on your website. At its most basic, a CTA is simply asking your potential lead to complete a request. That request can be anything from subscribing to your newsletter to downloading your app or reviewing your services. When you’re talking about lead generation, the CTA is typically used to get the prospect to find out more about one of your products or services. If you don’t include a CTA on your website, you are missing out on the very simple premise that more people are likely to follow your request if you simply ask.

Match CTA’s to your content

Your CTA can be included anywhere on your site, and you will likely have multiple different CTA’s for different pages and various outcomes you are looking for. One popular place for CTA’s is your blog. Because you should be updating your blog regularly with content, it provides the perfect platform for trying out various CTA’s to see which ones work the best.


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